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6400 Scrap Tires Will be Used to Pave an Ecological Road

Times:2015-11-10   Author:zhengyangtire

6400 Scrap Tires Will be Used to Pave an Ecological Road

Recently, it’s said that an ecological road in Hefei city, Anhui Province, China will start construction in the near future. This road, called Luzhou Avenue, is to be considered as the first municipal road for carrying out China’s “Sponge Cities” trail plan, which will also become the first green ecological road in Hefei city.

General roads are mainly paved with ordinary asphalts, but Luzhou Avenue will be paved with industrialized rubber asphalts. According to a project leader, this type of rubber asphalts are particularly the reuse of scrap tires, and it’s estimated that 6400 scrap tires will be used to pave the road, which is not only environmentally friendly, but the service life of the road will be greatly increased. What’s more, it will make a stronger, more durable road and reduce maintenance costs.

The scrap tires will be first processed into rubber powder, and then mixed with the asphalt concrete to build the rubber-asphalt pavement, which is superior to traditional asphalt pavement in terms of the resistance of high temperature, aging, and rutting. Besides, the rubber-asphalt pavement also has apparent noise reduction effect.

The rubber in the new asphalt adds elasticity to the roads, which makes them more flexible during the freeze, and the elasticity prevents cracks that can allow water to seep in and ruin the road. Besides, in order to conduct the idea of “Sponge Cities”, the sidewalks beside the road will be paved with water?permeable?bricks. More importantly, once the road is built, the repairs can be cheaper, make roads more pothole-resistant and help the city get rid of a tire disposal headache.

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