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A common application of rubber powder

Times:2016-07-23   Author:zhengyangtire

The application of rubber powder in summary can be divided into two broad areas: one is the direct molding; Second, in the broad application in the field of rubber industry. Now more and more enterprises adopt the rubber powder to replace raw materials, not only conducive to environmental protection, and more important because of the use of rubber powder can effectively reduce the cost, improve performance, get other materials without effect.
Rubber powder is widely used in tires, rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber shoes, rubber industry products, wire and cable and building material, etc. Rubber powder can also be used with plastic, such as polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polyurethane, etc., to improve performance, reduce the cost.
With the rubber powder for asphalt modified paving road application is very wide also. With the rubber powder modified asphalt paving roads in many developed countries into Canada, the United States, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and other countries have applied. Practice has proved that with the rubber powder modified asphalt paving roads can reduce pavement cracking and softening, the road is not easy to freeze and sliding, improve the driving safety, also can improve the pavement life, than the average service life of the asphalt surface at least doubled.

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