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Advantages of waste tire recycling equipment

Times:2019-12-10   Author:zhengyangtire

The separation process of the used tire recycling equipment is a pure physical process. During the cutting, crushing, screening, magnetic separation and other processes, no chemical reaction occurs in the materials. Only a small amount of heat is generated due to extrusion or friction during the work. During the entire separation process There is no decomposition of rubber, and no decomposition gas of rubber is generated. Exhaust gas is mainly crushed and dust generated during the milling process, and dust collection facilities are equipped to collect it. Ensuring environmental protection in the process of crushing and decomposing used tires. The waste tire recycling equipment production line has the following advantages:

tire recycling equipment

tire recycling equipment

1. Market advantage: The rubber powder and rubber particles produced after the processing of waste tires can alleviate the shortage of rubber resources, especially in the new field, which plays an irreplaceable role.

2. Price advantage: The fine rubber powder produced by waste tires after processing is only a quarter of the original rubber, which greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise, and also brings huge markets and business opportunities for rubber powder sales.

3. Resource advantages: The comprehensive utilization of rubber resources can replace some natural rubber, and it is still the main raw material in the field of new materials. When it makes up for the current serious shortage of rubber resources, it has made greater use of the rubber industry and the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources. Has a huge boost.

4. Policy advantages: The development of a circular economy and the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources are the theme of today’s social development. The recycling of waste rubber has been highly valued and mentioned on the agenda.

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