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Applications of Tyre Powder Production Line

Times:2017-07-29   Author:zhengyangtire

With the development of world automobile industry and transportation industry, a large number of waste tires are discarded every year, which leads to serious environment pollution. But on the other hand, waste tyre is a potential resource which can bring profits for people if disposed properly.

Rubber powder recycled from the scrap tires are widely used in the industries. it is mainly used as modified asphalt for highway construction and it is one of the biggest consumption markets for the rubber granules. Here let us talk how to make the powder from the waste tire. it is the green recycling production line, it separate the fiber, steel from the tire and left the pure tire powder.

The tyre powder production line can effectively crush the whole tyres into small rubber granules with the size of 30 to 200 mesh. And the rubber powder from waste tyres can be reprocessed to widely used in many fields.

1. Through desulfurization process, the rubber powder will be reclaimed as rubber production sheet material, which can be used in the manufacture of machine pads, roadbed mat, cushion, various washers, fenderboard, sound-absorbing materials, etc.

2. The rubber granules can be used to make color elastic floor tile laid in the sports ground to guarantee safety of elderly and kids. It has these advantages: prevent slippery, achieve shock absorption, wear-resistant, sound insulation, heat insulation, water resistant with none toxic and long service life.

3. The rubber powder can be reprocessed to use in modified asphalt pavement.

4. It also can be used to build plastic sports venues, runway and artificial turf.

5. It can be used to make all kinds of soles.

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