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Automatic machines waste rubber tyre recycling plant

Times:2015-11-11   Author:zhengyangtire

Automatic machines waste rubber tyre recycling plant,Waste rubber tyre recycling plant includes a variety of machinery, we can provide you with a complete set of the recovery system, crusher, crusher, automatic tire machine, tire steel wire drawing machine, tire cutting machine, separator, grading machine, conveyor, etc.
Automatic machines waste rubber tyre recycling plant features:
1. The input is the entire tire, after processing, steel is completely separate, and fiber separation of 99% or more. Finished product is high, the competition in the market
2. Strict construction, small space and simple technique flow. Low energy consumption and good performance
3. High automation, reducing labor requirements. The collapse of the reasonable structure, convenient operation, low
4. Environmental protection, no pollution, no waste gas, waste residue, water pollution)
Now with the increase of the number of cars, the number of rubber tyre scrap also increased year by year, which is a very good investment project in now, but also by the support of many governments, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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