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Beneficial To The Environment By Waste Tire To Rubber Granules

Times:2017-03-31   Author:zhengyangtire

Tyre basically consists of heavy metals and other pollutants so there is a potential risk for the (leaching) of toxins into the soil and groundwater when placed in wet soils leading to contamination of ground water and pollution of soil. The solubility of theses toxins varies with the variation in the pH of soil and conditions of local water. Research has proven that very little leaching occurs when shredded tires are used as land fill material. In some cases however, there are limitations on use of this material. For its safe disposal each site should be individually assessed for determining if this product is appropriate for given conditions.

Sometimes eco-toxicity may be a bigger problem than first thought. Studies show that host of vulcanization and rubber chemicals such as zinc, heavy metals leach into water from tires. Shredded tire pieces leach much more, creating a bigger concern, due to the increased surface area on the shredded pieces. Many organisms are sensitive, and without dilution, contaminated tire water has been shown to kill some organisms.

Burning of tyres also produces many harmful gases. In winters, for the purpose of heat poor people burn used tyres which are precursor of air pollution and produces harmful and toxic gases and particulate matters. One can fell seriously ill with the inhalation of these contaminants due to suffocation. So it is better to recycle these tyres to promote secondary raw material for the manufacturing of mew rubber goods. This can also be considered as an efficient drive for the better and safe environment. More economic activity can be obtained from new products derived from waste tires than combustion or other low multiplier production, while reducing waste stream without generating excessive pollution and emissions from recycling operations.

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