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Best quality waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Times:2015-09-22   Author:zhengyangtire

Best quality waste tyre pyrolysis plant is used to deal with the main function of waste tyres recycling, the way it is through the tire pyrolysis oil is obtained, mainly in view of the present’s dwindling oil reserves.
Best quality waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process:
1. Make the reactor clockwise, the raw materials into the reactor feeding door.
2. Burning fuel materials, heating reactor will slowly, when the temperature reached 180 degrees Celsius, the oil and gas will come out. Then go to the cooling system and liquid oil. Some of the non-condensable gas, not through gas cooling will cause the furnace tube is used to heat the reactor. This can save your energy.
3. When the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius, workers can take out the wire opened the door of the reactor.
A Best quality waste tyre pyrolysis plant itself needs to be about 300-400 square meters of land as a raw material, adding all the land carbon black, big fuel tank, lounge and simple office workers. Totally need about 600-800 square metre.
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