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The Best Way to Recycle Waste Tires — Rubber Powder Plant

Times:2018-04-25   Author:zhengyangtire

Tire to Rubber Powder Plant is a promising recycling way which integrates environmental protection and resource recycling, and is also a scientific, reasonable and wide used important way of disposing waste rubber. Rubber powder production has no secondary pollution and the use rate of waste tire is 100%. The rubber powder also can extend to high added value and recycled new type products, such as stadium runway, waterproof roll, modified asphalt, rubber floor tile, etc. The development of rubber powder industry is the direction of waste tire comprehensive utilization, and is also the industry strongly supported by many countries in the world.

Tire to Rubber Powder Plant Features

1. The input is whole tires, after the processing, steel is completely separated and fiber can be separated up to 99% or above. The finish product is high and competitive in the market.

2. Unique design, high output and long lifetime blade characterize secondary shredder and fine rubber shredder, which can improve the working efficiency and lower equipment maintenance cost.

3. Double-grinding pan rubber grinder is featured for low energy consuming and high output

4. Intelligence property right of the whole product ling and core technology.

5. Reasonable construction, easy operation and low rate of breakdown.

6. Environmental-protection, no pollution (no waste gas, no waste residue, no polluted water), meeting the environmental requirement of the government.

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