Project Introduction

Bio-energy business is Biodiesel Project of SUNY GROUP to carry out waste animal oil (used cooking oil) refinery, straw refining, food waste to oil refining and other organic matter, is one of the earliest and largest enterprise of biodiesel (organics refining) equipments, technology, research and development in China.

Raw Material

Biodiesel Project is suitable for All kinds of waste oil, like waste oil, waste cooking oil, plant seed oil,algal oil, waste animal oil, straw and other organic matter.

Biodiesel Project_Raw Material
Corn Stalk
Waste Cooking Oil
Waste Animal And Vegetable Oil
Technical Program

Zhengyang Machinery's Biodiesel Project employs the low-temperature reaction of esterified and maximum extent possible to solve program.The process is one of the lowest energy consumption in the biodiesel process, taking gas esterification process, maximum extent possible to solve and mass transfer problems. It can achieve internal circulation in the case without external kinetic energy, hence it can save more than 60% of the energy. while within refluxing independent design, also can save energy in the great degree. The unique technology solutions to solve the problems of high acid value waste oil cannot be sub-glycerol trans-esterification, the reaction rate reach more than 97%.

Make use of grease production of fatty acid methyl ester process can adopt batch process, semi-continuous process or continuous reaction process, the continuous process is conducive to the energy utilization, production costs can be reduced in a larger extent; while the process solution of the material for the corrosion of the equipment issues, and effectively reduces the equipment investment investment costs of the apparatus; while the raw materials applicability are very strong, In general, in can be get the various oil-and-fat feedstock adapt to industrial product market.

√ Core process:With enamel reaction tower, reducing acid method of biodiesel and other countries dozen related patents;

√ Unique technology:The use of original turbulent pipe reactor, the reaction rate of 97%, and the reaction time is short;

√ Energy saving:Biodiesel Production Line use a unique separation integration process not only can save energy up to 60% of energy consumption, avoiding secondary pollution in the production process,but also solving problem of severe corrosion equipment in the process;

√ Easy to operate:Process can batch process, a semi-continuous process, or continuous reaction process (energy can be integrated recycling, reduce production costs).

Biodiesel Project Production Process
Main Products
Test Report

Zhengyang Machinery is able to produce high quality biodiesel, asphalt, fatty acid methyl ester, environmental plasticizer, green surfactants (MES) and other products, By the Henan province and technical supervision inspection center has tested that the quality of products fully meet the "Diesel Fuel Adjustable Share of Biodiesel BD100 National Standard" and reached the international leading standard. The Biodiesel Production Line has been sold to various provinces nationwide and exported to South Korea, Australia, Finland, Italy and other countries.

Biodiesel Project Test Report
Methanol Esterification

The Biodiesel Project normal pressure esterification with strong ultrasonic cavitation technology (patent),The Characteristic is using atmospheric esterification, trans-esterification,in line with our company's strong ultrasonic cavitation original technical solutions, making the reaction time reduced by two-thirds of the time, relative to save a lot of energy and human resources.The process interacts with the turbulent flow tubular reactor (patent) back of continuous reaction with continuous distillation process to achieve continuous process back of the overall conduct and to ensure the stability of quality.

The integration of reaction and separation of methanol vapor esterification process (patent), Interact with the turbulent flow reactor, a continuous tubular reactor. In front of esterification continuously feeding methanol, intermittent feed material, the semi-continuous process; trans-esterification and later refined completely continuous. Trans-esterification reaction using self-developed turbulence interactive tubular reactor, is currently the only one who using the new equipment, and can be fully realized continuous reaction at low temperatures and pressure, high conversion efficiency, easy installation, easy operation, Low energy consumption, the extent of reaction can be achieved on-line control and many other advantages.

The Process of Glycerol Esterification

The treatment process of Biodiesel Project is the latest development of new technology. This process is can meet the high standards for biodiesel, quick reaction, high conversion rate, get rid of the sulfuric acid as catalyst, the sulfur content can reach less than 10ppm, small equipment corrosion and no waste water discharge, etc., The research of this process breaking biodiesel is no european standard only GB history.

The Advantages of The Process

The process of Glycerol Esterification is the latest development of new technology in our company, which is based on our country may implement the new national biodiesel standard and some products meet standards established by the EU biodiesel scheme.

Completely get rid of sulfuric acid as catalyst and the problem of sulfuric acid corrosion fof equipment.

Due to not use the sulfuric acid as catalyst, the products meet the EU's sulfur content standards;

Due to no using free fatty acid reacts with the methanol, the water would not exist in methanol. thus reducing the investment in equipment.

Because of no using inorganic acid, acids residue and acidic water discharge will be greatly reduced, also reduced the pollution of environmental.

Part of glycerol can be recycled repeatedly, saving the cost of production;

The process of heat transfer products and materials repeatedly to achieve the recycling of heat, a significant reduction of production costs.

Independent research and development of composite catalysts, catalytic efficiency has been greatly improved.

Final Products And Application

Final Products of Biodiesel Project : Biodiesel,The Biodiesel, a diesel fuel substitute that can be made from a variety of oils, fats, and greases, is of interest to farmers for a number of reasons.Biodiesel is an excellent lubricator. As little as 1-percent biodiesel added to petro-diesel will improve the fuel's lubricating properties and thus will help diesel engines to last longer.

Biodiesel Project Final Products And Application
Crude Methyl Ester
Biological Diesel
Straw Crude Oil
Straw Refined Oil
Straw Carbon Black
Cooperation And Development
Biodiesel Project Cooperation And Development
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