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“Black gold” is contained in the waste tires

Times:2016-01-23   Author:zhengyangtire

With the rapid development of automobile industry and industry of waste tires is increasing has gradually become the environmental burden. In the face of a mountain of waste tires, what should people do?
Burning? Certainly not appropriate, because it can cause serious environmental pollution. On the basis of the characteristics of this kind of raw material, want to natural decay is impossible!
It has the characteristics of the two aspects of resource and hazardous waste tires, after the best treatment method is to recycle. Waste tyre recycling processing can not only develop the circular economy, and can also protect the environment. Combined with various countries now is preferential tax policies for comprehensive utilization of resources, waste tyre recycling prospect!
Waste tyre recycling machine with low energy consumption, fine granularity, high efficiency, simple operation, no pollution, it can adopt the method of physical recycling waste tires, without any pollution, make the division of small particles for 30-200 purpose, at the same time, 100% of the scrap tire steel wire, fiber separation, to make waste tyre renewable resources “black gold”.
It produced powder widely used and can be used for rubber products, railway sleeper, truck tires and process machinery tires, rubber hose, and adhesive tape, as well as for rubber soles and in the bottom, shoes soles, etc., the application range of the powder with the development of rubber industry and other industry also is gradually expanding.
“Black gold” is contained in the waste tires, Should handle only proper, waste tires can be excavated in the “black gold”, you just see see.

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