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Brazilian Customer Inspect The Pyrolysis Project

In February 2017, Brazilian customer come to our factory, the customer’s purpose is to inspect Pyrolysis Project, first of all, we lead the customer to visit our processing factory, the prototype workshop, and explains the key technology of our equipment to the customer, the customer satisfied with our equipment, then we make our plan to the customer, hope we can cooperate happily.

Brazilian Customer Inspect The Pyrolysis Project

Pyrolysis Project is suitable for waste rubber, waste tire, waste plastic and other organic solid waste.Waste tires: (include all kinds of machine’s tires, tire bead), waste rubber, Waste sole, inner tube, waste cable sheath, bicycle, motorcycle tires;Waste plastics: waste acrylic (PMMA), PE (price is high, generally used to make plastic particles), PET (transparent bottles, try not to use), PVC, PP( disposable cups, try not to use) and all kinds of waste nylon products.

Pyrolysis Project Adopts efficient coal, fuel and non-condensable gas mixed fuel heating system, the system of flue gas via strong atomized dust remover and industrial waste gas purifier process after discharge can reach the national pollution-free emissions standards, the complete set of device environmental effect can achieve the european and American highest standard and also approved by American EPI environmental protection certification.

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