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10T/D Tire Pyrolysis Plant

10T/D Tire Pyrolysis Plant

10T/D Tire Pyrolysis Plant is mainly used for waste tyres recycling, solve the black pollution, to recycle and reuse, can from waste tires, waste rubber and waste plastic, acrylic and other organic solid waste in refined oil.

Presently, our company has owned a series of leading patented technology in the country, possessing completely independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology in several projects, such as wet grinding technique used in processing coarse carbon black, continuous pyrolysis plant for waste plastics, automatic microwave pyrolysis reaction device for processing waste rubber, etc.

Part of Tire Pyrolysis Plant:
*Horizontal Rotation Cracking Furnace
*Water Seal System
*Multi-Stage Separator
*Static And Dynamic Seals
*Distillation Column
*Efficient Atomization Desulfurization Dust-Removal Device

10T/D Tire Pyrolysis Plant is suitable for Waste tires(include all kinds of machine’s tires, tire bead), waste rubber, Waste sole, inner tube, waste cable sheath, bicycle, motorcycle tires;

Tire pyrolysis plant Raw material
Final Products:

The Final products of Tire Pyrolysis Plant: 45% Tire oil, 35% carbon black; 12-15% steel wire; 5-8%.Tire oil is also called fuel oil, can be directly sold (they are also used for processing or used for boiler combustion, bath center, restaurants, burning fuels such as floor brick) or deep processing into organic solvent with refining equipment and automotive fuel, etc.

Tire pyrolysis plant Final product
Production Process:

Tyre pyrolysis plant production process
Related Parameters:

Model Reactor Size Stucture Capacity Running Pressure Reactor Rotating Speed Power
TF-10 2.5×6.6M Horizontal Rotary 10T/D Micro Negative Pressure 0.4turn/min 20kw

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