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Change black pollution to supplement resources

Times:2016-01-15   Author:zhengyangtire

As a special anti-pollution recycling industry, at present, the scrap rubber use mainly divided into old tires refurbished, powder production, tyre pyrolysis plant three parts,. It is comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry for generations unremitting hard work, to make our country to avoid the headache of black pollution and waste tyre mounting situation, and make the waste tires and waste rubber recycling.
Comprehensive utilization of rubber powder
In the process of using waste tire rubber powder production, will not cause secondary pollution, won’t produce any waste, is to address the issue of black pollution and resource recycling of waste tires is an important development direction.
In the 1980 s, as a result of reclaimed rubber production technology, pollution is serious, restricting the development of reclaimed rubber. To solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, how Chinese companies with reference to the foreign experience, the introduction of several powder production line, but because of equipment not adapt and objective factors such as market does not recognise, failed to achieve the desired effect and dismount. By the 1990 s, some equipment manufacturer in China has developed a method of with Chinese characteristics at room temperature fine powder production equipment, powder manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, with the bulk production capacity of fine powder, emerge a batch of professional powder production enterprises have a certain production scale.
As environmentally friendly products, powder at present there are three main terminal application way: waste of mixed rubber production of fine powder is widely applied in waterproofing materials modification, fine powder made of waste tires is batch used in rubber products and the modification of the tire and scrap tire rubber powder applied to road paving asphalt modified SBS material instead.
Waste rubber recycling management system is built, waste rubber become indispensable to add rubber resources, rubber materials.

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