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China ranks the world’s first waste tyre production

Times:2016-01-30   Author:zhengyangtire

With the development of economic take-off, automobile industry, China produced each year at 8% – 10% of waste tires in a sharp increase in became a new kind of pollution. A growing “black pollution” to the world’s fragile ecological environment, so the governance “black pollution” caused by waste tires is urgently needed.
By the end of 2014, China’s 264 million vehicles, including 154 million cars, motor vehicle drivers over 300 million people, with the sustained and rapid economic and social development, the car of rigid demand, rapid growth of car ownership in China will continue to be a trend.
However, with the popularity of cars, waste such as old tires also increase gradually. China’s tire production has been ranked among the top of the world for 10 years in a row, a year of waste tires is also the world’s first.
On the one hand is increasingly large tyre production data, on the other hand is more headaches of scrap tire safety accidents and pollution problems. In recent years, we see an endless caused by waste tire safety accident, scrap tire piled up a large amount for a long time, easy to cause fire, and likely to cause secondary pollution. It is conceivable that the tire China has the world’s highest, hidden danger existing in the waste tires is self-evident, scientific and effective disposal of waste tires became a hot topic in recent years, the industry of discussion.
Introduce according to professional personage, is a kind of waste tires need to take up a lot of the environment space of the waste, and difficult to compress, collection and eliminated. Given the uncertainty of the time needed for decomposition of old tires, so they don’t have biodegradability, and its composition, including some dangerous elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals, improper management and disposal, would pose a threat to human health and the environment.
In addition, the piling up of waste tyre, deposited in the open air for a long time will not only take up a lot of land resources, but also easy to breed mosquitoes spread disease, the serious deterioration of natural environment, and could cause a fire, the threat to people’s lives and property. In some areas, waste tires is used as a fuel, serious pollution makes nothing grows around. Due to the particularity of its structure and composition, and open-air pile of scrap tire once ignited, it’s very difficult to control and extinguish, and will produce large amount of smoke and toxic pollutants, serious environmental pollution and the threat to human health. In Ontario, Canada in 1990, for example the Hague, fires, last for 17 hours, 12.6 million burned tires, 1700 people have been evacuated, a large amount of oil into the soil, near the rivers also are polluted by pahs, losses are difficult to measure.
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