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Cost Report of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Times:2017-05-24   Author:zhengyangtire

Why we need to dispose the waste tires? With auto-industry growing strongly, 50%-55% raw rubber are used for tire manufacturing every year. Auto should change tires every 30,000-50,000 km, in this way, 17 million tons waste tires produced in one year.Waste tire/plastic/rubber is refractory and needs hundreds of years before not affecting plants growth in the earth. It takes up quantities offarmland, breeding some diseases (dengue fever etc), destroys vegetation. If used for fuel or burned, no plants will grow in surrounding field. Thus to figure out an efficient and environmental way to dispose the waste tires is such important for the green world.

How to find a green and benefit way to process waste tires?

To achieve a green way for processing the waste tires, we developed the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for dealing with the waste tires. This way not only can make disposal for the waste tires, you also can get valuable products, like fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire for all kinds of commercial use. It’ s a low investment but high benefit project.

Fuel oil Application:

This oil product is a kind of crude fuel oil, which can be used for industrial heating used in any fuel needed industrial factories, such as cement plant, steel mill, glass factory, brick factory, boiler used factory, etc.Or can be refined to diesel, directly used in diesel burners, generators, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery,and mix with normal diesel used for cars.

Carbon black Application:

Carbon black produced from this system is crude powdery material, which can be directly sold to cement factory mix with cement. Or made into briquettes used for heating, just like coal. Or grinded into fine powder used for making paint and printing ink.

Steel Wire Application:

Scrap steel wire can be directly sold to iron recycling station or steel mill for further treatment.

What other waste can be processed by the waste tire pyrolysis machine?

Except waste tires, this pyrolysis machine also can be applicable to waste plastics or rubbers.The final products are as below:

– From tires: fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire.

– From plastics and rubbers: fuel oil, carbon black.

What’ s the working principle of the waste tire pyrolysis process?

Working principle: under high temperature heating, the solid materials (tyre/plastic/rubber) will pyrolyse to make oil gas come out, then go through water cooling system to become liquid oil. After oil gas come out completely, the residues will be carbon black and steel wire.

How to make profit analysis of the waste tire pyrolysis project?

Profit Analysis (10T/D Capacity)
Cost for one Batch
No. Item Cost of Each Batch
1 10 Tons of Waste Tires 10T*USD 42.5/T=USD 425
2 0.4 Tons of Coal 0.4T*USD 70/T=USD 28
3 Electricity And Water 244kwh*USD 0.26=USD63.44
4 Workers 4*USD 15=USD 60
Total Cost USD 576.44
Income for one Batch
1 Crude Oil 4.5T*USD 960=USD 4,320
2 Steel Wire 10T*15%*USD 350/T=USD 525
3 Carbon Black 3T*USD 20/T=USD 60
Total Income USD 4,905
Total Profit
1 Daily Profit USD 4,328.56
2 Month Profit USD 4328.56*25 days=USD 108,214
3 Annual Profit USD 108,214*10month=USD 1,082,140

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