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Waste Oil Distillation Column

Distillation column

Waste Oil Distillation Column has a very important role in the Waste Oil Distillation Plant, separation and purification for mixed oil,Distillation column with long lifespan,high efficiency,continuous production.


The Waste Oil Distillation Column is used for setting the different boiling point of liquid mixtures separation,used for pyrolysis oil or waste engine oil separation and purification to ensure the purity and color of the oil.


1.The body of instillation tower use stainless steel,inside equipped with efficient stainless steel filler metal.Thereby preventing the impurities blocking fullers,extending the apparatus used period.

2.This device,where that can be contact with the oil parts equipment such as condensers,distributor etc,are all made of stainless steel to ensure oil products are not contaminated.

3.The device can be intermittent production and also continuous production.The cost relatively is lower,the result is better.

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