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Esterification Reactor

Esterification reactor

Esterification Reactor is an indispensable equipment for Biodiesel Project.Esterification reactor consists of: glass-lined reactor, new materials reactor and stainless steel reactor.

Glass-Lined Reactor:

Usage: for the gas phase methanol esterification reaction and separation integration process:

Features: a glass-lined reactor contains a high silica glass, steel lining on the inner surface of the container.After high temperature ignition and firmly adherence to the surface of the metal composite article.

The glass-lined reactor has the dual advantage of stability of glass and metal strength, which is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment and resistant to certain temperature. It can be taken the steam, electricity, oil and other heating methods.

The New Material Reactor:

Uses: For atmospheric esterification with strong ultrasonic cavitation to process esterification. The new material reactor contains a slightly higher temperature and applied micro pressure and there is a stronger corrosive media esterification reactor.

Features: the corrosion ability of most acids, alkalis, salt, it can greatly reduce the cost of production, and with a light weight, easy to install and resistance to impact and other advantages.

Stainless Steel Reactor:

Uses: For glycerol esterification process, is a kind of application in esterification reactor for micro pressure and high temperatures as the corrosive media.


1、Using single or jacket structure with different fofms of head, can be combined according to specific requirements.

2、The mixing in the form of mechanical agitation.

3、Configurable condecsers, heat exchangers, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and other devices.

4、Corrosion resistance, convenient in maintenance.

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