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Flash Column

Flash Column

Flash Column is an indispensable equipment for Biodiesel Project.The role of flash column is to provide a rapid vaporization and vapor-liquid separation space,i.e, through pressure, the fluid will be boiling in the flash column in order to achieve vapor-liquid separation section.

In other words, the flash column is where the light component and the low-boiling gas get dissolved in the solution before the material flashed out. On one hand, it can save resources and improve the heat utilization. Furthermore, it can reduce loading of gas from rectification tower.


1、The most of light component material gas can be recovered in a short time and reached the purpose of separating the material methanol. Meanwhile, avoiding this part of the gas due to the small proportion, low boiling point, large vaporization in the formation of the distillation column transient pressure caused by the excessive risk.

2、with this heat transfer device, achieves the secondary heat use and energy saving, clean, efficient production purposes.

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