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Following Features of Automatic Tire Recycling Machine

Times:2018-03-16   Author:zhengyangtire

It is consist of tire cutter which cuts the bead of tire-wire bead extractor which pulls out the two strands of steel to prolong the using life of tire crushers-tire crusher which crushes tires to rubber blocks,rubber granules and rubber powder in different sizes to suit all fields.such as tiles,asphalt concrete,buffer,playground etc.

Vibrator,magnetic separator which separates steel and fiber as there are these in tires -airflow classifier which completely separates fiber and rubber powders meanwhile cool rubber powder.-rubber grinder which grinds rubber granules to different sizes to meet all customers.

Automatic tire recycling machine following features :

1. Iron/steel removing ratio>99.5%, fiber removing ratio>98%;

2. Compact structure ensure running safety, easy maintenance, low energy consumption;

3. Adopt automatic control system for whole line, reduce labor cost;

4. No sewage and waste gas discharge, environment protection;

5. Available capacity range of our tire recycling lines at present: 100~3000 kg/h;

6. Available finial rubber powder size: 30~80 mesh.

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