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Green footprints:waste tyre production of carbon black

Times:2016-03-16   Author:zhengyangtire

With the rapid development of automobile industry, the demand of tire and scrap quantity increases year by year, annual produce a large number of waste tires for processing waste tires of the environmental problems, we have been dedicated to new energy path.

Green footprintswaste tyre production of carbon black
Taiwan approximately 9 million year the amount of discarded tires, can line up around the island four laps, the height of the heap up about 3000, 101 buildings, the processing of waste tires has become a global issue that nots allow to ignore.
How to make the waste tires into resources
Besides tyre rubber powder recycling, through the tire pyrolysis for processing waste tires is a very good method, through the tyre pyrolysis plant can put the waste tyre production for tyre oil, carbon black and other products, and the recovery rate is as high as 98%, with a full range of flue gas treatment system, can achieve the eu national emission standards, and more to save energy.
A kilo of green carbon black only 0.518 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, compared with the conventional process of carbon black, one kilogram of carbon black carbon dioxide emissions by between 3.8 to 4.0 kg, reduced carbon emissions by about 9 into.

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