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High conversion rate waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Times:2015-10-23   Author:zhengyangtire

High conversion rate waste tyre pyrolysis plant,Tire pyrolysis plant is currently the most advanced technology of waste rubber tyre recycling, which can be through the waste rubber tyre pyrolysis into all kinds of oil, to achieve recycling, is currently one of the leading tyre recycling schemes, also won the recognition of numerous customers.
High conversion rate waste tyre pyrolysis plant Features:
1. Don’t need to put in front of the pyrolysis rubber and steel wire separation, can be directly, thus greatly reducing the energy consumption and save the economic interests
2. The use of advanced manufacturing technology, to ensure that no gas in the working process of the leaked out, and improve the efficiency of pyrolysis
3. The inflammable gas recovery system with high efficiency, make effective use of the non-condensable gas, save energy and reduce the harmful gas emissions.
High conversion rate waste tyre pyrolysis plant Advantages
1.Continuous waste tyre Pyrolysis Plant, advanced technology, full automation.
2.Large capacity(10-30tons tire per day), high oil yield, good oil quality, high profit.
3.Low cost in operation. No need energy to heat the reactor, generated syn gas is enough, less manpower.
4.Emissions to the environment pollution-free, accord with national standards in the European Union
Above is the simple introduction of tyre pyrolysis plant, aiming at an increasing number of cars, scrap tires also increases in all the year round, for the waste tyres recycling is a very good investment projects, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us.

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