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High Quality Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Plant

Times:2015-11-17   Author:zhengyangtire

High Quality Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Plan

Today’s industrialization technology of waste tyres recycling is do not conform to the era of sustainable resource recycling demands, so the waste tires in today’s world countries and regions, are still is defined as the first black pollutants. On waste tires processing technology breakthroughs, or change the industry status “black pollution” to “green gold mountain”.
High Quality Tire Recycling Machine Rubber Powder Plant Characteristic:
1. Environmental protection and energy saving: no waste water, waste gas, using circulating water cooling.
2. Safety: atmospheric pressure conditions of production, the operator feeding on the ground;
3. Easy operation: PLC control, man-machine interface operation;
4. Each module has a real-time measurement value of feeding, discharging, water temperature into the PLC control system;
5.Products do not stick on conveyer, no need to clean up, with production while cleaning function;
6.Easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable and remote maintenance.
Waste tyre by scrap tire recycling system will soon abandon the existing stench and dust pollution of the environment of dirty, disorder and poor black image, out of, work, low energy consumption, small profit low-end swamp, the faster the industry into the green and sustainable development track.

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