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High quality waste tyre recycling machine

Times:2015-11-20   Author:zhengyangtire

High quality waste tyre recycling machine,Waste tyre recycling machine is mainly used to recycle waste rubber tires, crushed into the rubber tire rubber powder, the process of rubber with plastic, so can make secondary use, so it is a very good investment projects.
High quality waste tyre recycling machine finished product application
1.Color elastic floor tile, elderly and young children in sports field laid, to the safety of adults and children play good protection.
2.Production waterproofing materials, waterproofing paint, waterproof and sealed material, etc.
3.Road alignment materials, rubber powder modified asphalt pavement of high grade highway and the runways in developed countries has entered the practical stage, and have developed rapidly.
4.Used for modified asphalt, made modified asphalt pavement pavement abrasion resistance, spalling resistance, resistance to wear greatly improve life for ordinary pavement 2 — 3 times, lower pavement maintenance costs 30-50%.
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