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Horizontal Rotation Cracking Furnace

Horizontal rotation cracking furnace

Horizontal Rotation Cracking Furnace is mainly used in Pyrolysis Project, is one of the indispensable equipment.Horizontal rotation cracking furnace with advanced technology,micro vacuum system,reduce pollution and low production costs.


Horizontal Rotation Cracking Furnace is used for organic solid waste pyrolysis. On the design of the key device for cracking furnace,our company thoroughly overcones the domestic current vertical partial uneven heat cracking furnace bottom,easy to fracture,low yield,short serice life of unfacoratic factors.


1.Using no-stripping technique,which does not require the rubber and the wire separation before the pyrolysis,thereby reducing energy consumption significantly improve the economic efficiency;

2.Matching up with micro negative pressure system and uses micro-vacuum technology ensures the gas does not spill in the production process and improve the efficiency of thermal cracking,eliminating hidden dangers caused by the gas leak from the fundamental.

3.The pyrolysis furnace use feeding and discharging seal system to improve the performance sealing of the furnace,so that the waste in anaerobic (or oxygen-free) state cracking eliminale dioxin formation,therefore guarantee the pyrolysis furnace safety during production.

4.Matching up with high efficiency flammable gas recovery system,hence it can guarantee the non-condensable gas use effectively,saveing energy and reducing harmful emissions.

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