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How Can You Recycling The Waste Rubber Tires ?

Times:2018-03-24   Author:zhengyangtire

More and more people realize the importance of recycling the waste rubber tires.Land filling or burning tires for energy has limited prospects.Tire recycling production line to crumb rubber is more friendly environment,green and high profitable to recycle waste tires.

How can you recycling the waste rubber tires?

Our company is a factory to manufacture tire recycling equipment in China.Our tire recycling equipment is used to recycle waste tires into crumb rubber (rubber powder and rubber granules) according to per customers’requirement.The purity of crumb rubber is up to 99.9%,free from wires and fiber.

The whole tire recycling production line is equipped with electric cabinet to automatic operation,energy saving,no pollution and high capacity.

Crumb rubber from recycled waste tires is as raw material in large application,such as reclaimed rubber,waterproof rolls,rubber tiles,modified bitumen and so on.

Tire recycling business will make the large profits for you.

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