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How to Deal With These Scrap Rubber Tyres?

Times:2017-05-26   Author:zhengyangtire

Whether the tyres are in good conditions greatly influences owner’s driving safety. It is also widely accepted that even if the tyres are without serious damage, they will need replacing in five years or when they have run seventy thousand kilometers. It means that in automobile 4S shop, repair shop, tyre shop, etc these places, there are large amounts of tyres waiting for further process every day.
Then how to deal with these tyre scrap?
One way is the reuse of rubber like paving material; another is making use of its thermal energy such as power materials of factories; the last is to renovate them into new tyres.
From a technical level, the third solution for tyre scrap is difficult to realize because of its technical requirements, equipment cost, etc. As for other two solutions, it is not a problem any more. Now tyre recycling people can utilize crushing and separating device to turn the tyre scrap into delicate rubber powder in normal temperature and this way has realized large-scale production.
The key problem is to perfect the recycling channels as soon as possible. In turn, to make it come true, government allowance, police support and the perfection of law are necessary.

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