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How to deal with waste tires in different countries

Times:2016-01-19   Author:zhengyangtire

How to deal with waste tires in different countries?Have black in the pollution of waste tires, often been stacked in the corner of the house beside the road. Long-term accumulated a large number of waste tires, easy to cause fire, and cause secondary pollution.
Because reclaimed rubber production can lead to serious environmental pollution, in the late 1980 s, the major industrial countries in Europe and America have been stop universal reclaimed rubber production, entered the stage of vulcanized rubber powder direct use.
Recycling of waste tires are: one is the old tires refurbished, 2 it is waste tyre production rubber powder, three is the tyre pyrolysis plan to oil.
Presulfurization is renovated technology will advance after high temperature vulcanization of pattern tread rubber, adhesive after grinding on the tire body file, and then installed on the inflatable rim, set of scale on heat resistant rubber, placing temperature above 100 ℃ sulfide indoor sulfide further renovation. This technique can ensure that the tyre is more durable, improve the number of each tire renovation, make the tire mileage for a longer, better balance, use more secure. New renovation tire can be in accordance with the same speed, on the safety, performance and comfort level as new tyres.
The United States each year to produce 250 million, waste tires through prototype system can make the waste tyre into article 5 million ~ 6 million. Can be waste tire bead and separation, then according to the need to tire body cut into different size of the strip, using the strip woven elastic fence, collision block wall, mat, etc., used in construction and blasting construction site slungshot falling objects, and protection of the dock, temporary pavement reinforcement. Intercept down from the scrap tire bead, can also be processed into sewage pipe.
In France, the technicians will waste tires into symmetrical two and a half, and then 20 degrees tilt lay flat, to facilitate drainage, to cover the wall with metal grille as fire protection plate, it’s built deadened the noise of the green wall, and its excellent sound-absorbing effect.
Ukraine’s scientists electromagnetic impact method is to utilize the effect of electromagnetic field, pulse magnetic field is formed within the waste tires, rubber and metal separation from the tire. After the separation of rubber and tire steel wire to keep the original features and functions, can again to produce tyres. In addition, using this method has shortened processing cycle of waste tires.
Developed countries for the recycling of waste tires also gives the preferential fiscal and subsidies. First of all, the use of waste tires is free, and provide directly by the fixed acquisition merchants waste tires. Second, at no cost to deal with waste tires not only, but to give appropriate subsidies. Third, processing waste tyre enjoy zero tax system of enterprise, enterprise can get normal profit space, enhance sustainable development power.

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