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How to improve the rubber powder mill production

Times:2016-04-28   Author:zhengyangtire

When selecting a material, it is important to note that the viscosity of the material can’t be too big. The greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere, material in the moisture content of large material in rubber mill easy adhesion, also easy to jam in the process of the material transporting, crushing capacity decreases. To solve this problem, first, at the time of material selection shall strictly control the temperature of the material, if the choice of the temperature of the material is too big, can use the sunshine or dry way to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

The choice of materials does not choose too much hardness, want to know more hard material broken up more difficult, and the more serious the wear of steel wire tire rubber powder equipment. Broken slow speed, corresponding to the crushing capacity is small. This needs us in the choice of materials to be moderate.

In the process of production, if the amount of raw materials on the overmuch, can make the material stay time in superfine mill too little, too little time will certainly lead to material grinding enough, this powder output granularity is too thick, will reduce production quality.

In the process of production to control the supply of materials, according to the rubber mill of production performance and the size of the model, quantity was not too much, also cannot little. There is rubber mill speed, speed is too low, will make the rubber mill’s production capacity is low, when the rubber mill of high speed, in production to meet the requirements of different production granularity, first of all to adjust good speed, so as to achieve the best production quality, can be more effective to improve the output of the equipment.

To improve the production of rubber grinder, strictly correct operation, in the effective way to increase the production of rubber powder mill machine.

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