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How to Make Fine Crumb Rubber?

Times:2016-11-26   Author:zhengyangtire

To make more finer crumb rubber, it’s necessary to improve the tire grinder in the following aspects:
*Enhance the grinding pressure;
*Specify the area of rotating one circle (the height of the roller × the radius of the grinding ring);
*Improve the contact probabilities of roller and ring;
*Increase the rotating speed of the main shaft.
Currently, to make finer crumb rubber, some grinder suppliers enhance the grinding pressure by adopting pressure spring or exerting pressure on the hydraulic cylinder. But, everything has two sides. For conventional grinder, the hanging roller is able to oscillate freely, which allows it to escape those stronger materials or materials in much bigger sizes that cannot be crushed by primary grinding. However, it can protect the roller from being damaged. No matter adopting what method to improve the grinder, the fineness and final capacity of the crumb rubber can be the best evidence to balance the superiority of the improvement effectiveness.
According to our company, we use the following methods to improve the grinder.
*Increase the diameters of the roller and the ring;
*Develop the surface of the roller to ensure the fine contact between the roller and ring at the very beginning;
*Add the rotating speed of the main shaft by 7%-8%, which can improve the grinding efficiency without changing the main engine power and boost the capability of producing super-fine crumb rubber.

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