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How waste car tyres recycling?

Times:2016-06-25   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste tyre is known as “black pollution”, how to deal with the environmental protection problem has been the world recognized. With the rapid development of automobile industry, the number of waste tires is also growing rapidly, such as China, in 2012, the waste tires to reach 10.18 million tons, the first in the world.
The surprising number of waste tires was a great challenge to protect the environment. For waste tyres recycling way, mainly for the tyre retreading reuse, rubber powder, tire pyrolysis, etc.
Through the tire recycling machine can put the tyre production for rubber powder, and can be applied to a variety of areas, through the desulfurization process, can make rubber runway, amusement facilities, sole and so on.
On waste tyre pyrolysis plant can get tires oil, steel wire, carbon black and other products, tire oil can be used as fuel, carbon black can be made industrial printing ink, and so on.

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