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Instructions on the whole tyre shredder

Times:2016-04-26   Author:zhengyangtire

Whole tyre shredder will have broken all tires spaced evenly by the feeding conveyor belt machine from the feed hopper oblique mouth into the crushing chamber. In the crushing chamber has a pair of relative rotary knife shaft, shaft with fixed cutter disc and cutter, knife plate formed a pair can be decided by the dynamic and in conformity with the creep property of rubber crushing mechanics system. After the tires into the broken mechanical system, tires are relatively rotary cutter cutting and broken. And through the cylinder sieve screening, not mesh rubber piece was sent back to the crushing chamber again, for further broken. Net mesh rubber piece and belt conveyor by cutting into the next process.
This machine is mainly composed of the transmission system, crushing chamber, screening of three parts. (see the appended drawings: overall arrangement) has compact structure, layout reasonable, flexible and reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

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