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Low cost high efficiency-Double-shaft tyre shredder

Times:2016-08-25   Author:zhengyangtire

Double-shaft tyre shredder has high degree of automation, high efficiency, high benefit, the characteristics of low cost gives users the effective use of large diameter tyres. All within the scope of the feeding box mouth can be put into scrap tires and other rubber material can not cut down, direct torn and broken.

Double-shaft tyre shredder
Tire shredding machine consists of motor, reducer, rotating knife shaft, import knife, knife, frame, frame, body, frame, hydraulic cylinder, pumps and other major structures. Tire shredding machine is designed for all kinds of tyres for processing. Can effectively use rubber tyre, bias tyre, radial tires, car tires into pieces. After tire shredding can pass mill equipment, ground into a powder, for processing recycling again.
The characteristics of the tyre shredder:
1, large diameter solid hopper, can be at ease into large raw material;
2, cutting tool made of special alloy steel production, strong and durable;
3, low speed, low noise, large torque, mechanical, electrical overload protection, more suitable for large thick chop suey broken items.
Range of application:
Large tires, car tires, motorcycle tires, rubber, rubber scrap, bicycle tires, tire leftover material. Can put the waste tyre cutting, cutting, milling process etc. Is the main purpose of biaxial tire shredding machine, crushing effect. Sorting system of steel wire and powder etc. Need a complete set of waste tire recycling line.

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