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Making Rubber Powder from the Waste Rubber and Tires

Times:2016-11-28   Author:zhengyangtire

The waste rubber means the waste rubber products and the edge horn flotsam produced when making the rubber products. In the early time, the methods to dispose waste rubber are land filling or piling up, however, with the development of the society, the number of waste rubber products keeps increasing, and people also realize the importance of protecting the environment, so the recycling of the waste rubber products is a important in environmental protection, in the meantime, turning the waste rubber products also means a lot the the sustainable development.
The rubber powder can be produced by pulverizing the waste rubber products in mechanical way. Compared to the vulcanized rubber making process, the process of making rubber powder is much easier, and it does not need much energy cost, in addition, the rubber powder is superior in performance and usage. So recycling the waste tyres and other rubber to rubber powder is promising in the future.
The application of the rubber powder can divided into two sections: the rubber industry and the non rubber industry, and it can be used in the following areas:
1. Making tyres, rubber overshoes, sebific duct and other products.
2. Making elastic playground. It is reported that a tennis court consumes rubber powder made of 500 waste tyres, and one athletic meeting consumes much more than that, so the rubber powder is important in sports game.
3. Making the sound insulation board also needs the rubber powder. The sound insulation board can lower the noise, and the sound insulation board made of rubber powder has a strong noise reflection and sound absorption.
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