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Market Value of The Rubber Tire Powder

Times:2016-09-29   Author:zhengyangtire

Rubber tire powder has the good performance-to-price ratio, some ordinary rubber products can be used alone reclaimed rubber production, natural rubber mixed with partial reclaimed rubber after sizing material can effectively improve the extrusion and rolling performance, and indexes have little impact;
The past about reclaimed rubber will inevitably associated with secondary pollution, this also is in certain views against development reclaimed rubber reasons. After years technical innovation, reclaimed rubber production technology by original water oil method, the oil temperature method becomes the present dynamic method, exhaust emission, realized the centralized handling, recovery, basically achieved no pollution, organic production, production technology reach the international advanced level, and positive green environmental protection in that direction. Recent China rubber industry association issued by waster rubber comprehensive utilization branch drafted the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry safety green manufactures standard (try out) “, will promote the healthy development of reclaimed rubber industry.
At present, China has many technology in international advanced level.
1、It is the regeneration process comprehensively, and it has completely popularize the use of high temperature dynamic desulfurization process, product quality, environment quality and production effciency.
2、It is formula to technical innovation, and application of pollution-free softener production of reclaimed rubber got us-japan and other developed countries recognition, its low nose, color is not migration, complete with related environmental requirements.
3、It is environmental protection technology innovation, new environmental regeneration technology constantly develop successfully. The complete elimination of the regeneration of rubber in the process of secondary pollution, effectively promoted reclaimed rubber industry of healthy development.
Tyre recycling for rubber powder is scrap tire resources comprehensive utilization direction, a high technical content, large market potential, and has a broad market prospect of emerging industry, is a collection of environmental and resource recycling for the integration of promising recovery methods, also be the expert advocates of circular economy development optimum utilization of the form.

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