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Multi-Stage Separator

Multi-Stage Separator

Multi-Stage Separator play an important role in the Tyre pyrolysis plant, it is mainly used for internal gas-solid separation, ensure the normal operation of equipment.Multi-stage separator with wide range of applications、low power、low cost and difficult to get damaged.


The main function of Multi-Stage Separator is possible to remove solid particles impurities and droplets entrained in the gas and achieved to the gas-liquid separation in order to ensure the normal operation of pipelines and equipment.

The Multi-Stage Separator is a simple structure,easy to operate,high temperature resistance,a lower cost and resistance purification equipment,multi-stage separation purification equipment is the most widely applied in the purification equipment.

Multi-stage separator Features:

1.the solid particles are separated from the gas stream out applied in the product recovery and pollution control;

2.high efficiency,long lifespan,and low power consumption,high reliability;

3.simple structure,low cost (compared to wet dust collector,bag-type dust collector and electrostatic dust collector)

4.No dynamic parts,difficult to get damaged;

5.the multi-stage separator can be used under high pressure conditions;

6.there is no particular limitation on the medium temperature.Special manufacturing separator can be operated at very high temperatures;

7.At a certain load,the pressure loss remains unchanged.

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