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Automatic waste tire shredder production line

Times:2021-05-31   Author:zhengyangtire

Under the premise of doing a good job in quality inspection, to make a complete set of equipment for scrap tires to be shredded and broken into pellets. SUNY GROUP has a good R&D team, which not only guarantees the advantages and high quality of products in the existing production process, but also Insist on innovative research and development and upgrading of product technology.

Recycled tire powder saves energy

The scrapped automobile tires and rubber materials are crushed, the steel wires are separated and used, and they are processed into recyclable environmentally friendly finished products for downstream use to achieve environmental protection. SUNY GROUP has two specifications for tire pellet equipment, one is semi-automatic and the other is fully automatic, with capacities ranging from 200kg/h to 2000kg/h.

It is worth mentioning that our tire pellet equipment line can meet the requirements of 1-6mm pellets, or smaller pellets, to meet environmental protection technical indicators, and the efficiency of the small tire pellet machine also meets the production requirements standards, allowing individual customers and enterprises Users can have different choices. Our tire pellet equipment is equipped with dust removal system, environmental protection system, and multi-stage crushing system. It is an indispensable equipment line for waste tire recycling projects.

Our company believes that a professional tire cutting rubber powder equipment line should be in terms of quality and productivity. If investing in a complete set of waste tire processing equipment lines can process tire particles, or tire rubber powder, steel wire and fiber machines, many customers are worried about environmental protection. There is no need to investigate the problem in SUNY GROUP, because our company’s waste tire treatment equipment line is equipped with related dust removal facilities and dust collection facilities, including an odor treatment system, with a very environmentally friendly treatment line.

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