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Characteristics of waste tire crusher crushing equipment

Times:2021-09-10   Author:zhengyangtire

The waste tire crusher crushing equipment is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. The semi-automatic uses manual manpower to do tire ring cutting, tire cutting, tire blocking, and steel wire processing, while the fully automatic tire crushing machinery and equipment realize automatic wire drawing and tire tearing. The crushing process is easier to realize the processing and utilization of particles and rubber powder, and the environmental protection and fiber separation facilities are strong in environmental protection.

The main equipment of waste tire crusher crushing equipment:

For different tire characteristics and productivity requirements, the equipment may include:

1. Fully automatic wire drawing machine: remove tire rims.

2. Conveying equipment: conveyor belt, screw conveyor and air pressure transmission system.

3. Tire shredder: shred tires into film (50mm-150mm).

Features of the production line:

1. This set of equipment is in line with my country’s strategy of developing circular economy and sustainable development, and is a waste recycling and environmental protection industry supported by the government.

2. The whole set of equipment is controlled by the intelligent power distribution cabinet, and the entire production line only needs 2-3 people to complete the work, saving users’ labor costs.

3. The use of magnetic separation and multi-channel fiber removal machine makes the crushed rubber particles have high purity and no impurities such as steel wires and fibers.

4. Rubber granules are widely used, namely production and sale, avoiding a large backlog of funds.

5. The whole set of equipment has a compact structure and a small footprint, which solves the problem of user site restrictions.

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