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How to deal with scrap tires?

Times:2023-02-20   Author:zhengyangtire

Relevant information shows that the current comprehensive utilization of waste tires mainly includes retreading of waste tires, transformation of waste tires into their original shape, thermal cracking, production of reclaimed rubber, and production of rubber powder.

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1. Retreading of waste tires

The waste tires are filled and repaired before being put on the market and reused. The requirement of this method for waste tire treatment is that the damage to the original tire is small, and it is not certain that the wear is too serious and cannot be retreaded. Even retreaded tires cannot be used in some harsh environments, and there will be certain safety hazards.

2. Prototype transformation of waste tires

Waste tires are transformed into valuable items through various methods, including bundling, cutting, punching, etc. Such as making tables, swings, guardrails, anti-collision walls, etc.

3. Thermal cracking

Waste tire refining equipment and tire oil refining equipment

Pyrolysis is an effective treatment technology for waste tires that has only come out in the last ten years. Pyrolysis changes the properties of waste tires. Pyrolysis mainly uses high-temperature heating and cracking of waste tires in a reactor to crack them into fuel oil and combustible gas. , carbon black, steel wire. Fuel oil accounts for about 45%, which can be used as fuel to replace fuel in boilers, burners and other places. Carbon black is wear-resistant and can be reused again. It can be used as wear-resistant raw materials for shoe soles and tires, and steel wire can be used. Tire oil can also be refined again to become non-standard diesel, which can be used as fuel for diesel engines and generators

4. Burn directly as fuel

Scrap tires are a kind of high calorific value material. Most tires are processed from petroleum products. The calorific value per kilogram is 69% higher than that of wood, 10% higher than that of bituminous coal, and 4% higher than that of coke. The waste tires are crushed, and then mixed with various combustible wastes in a certain proportion to prepare fuel for combustion, which can be used for blast furnace injection instead of coal, oil and coke as fuel for burning cement or instead of coal and thermal power generation. This method of combustion is also There will be some pollution.

5. Make rubber powder

It is a kind of granular or powdery rubber powder with a certain fineness specification, which is processed by crushing waste tires. It can be used as rubber pavement, sealing rubber strip, rubber floor and so on.

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