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What equipment is needed for waste tire recycling? How much is the investment?

Times:2022-09-08   Author:zhengyangtire

Reasonable and scientific crushing and recycling of waste tires is one of the main ways of recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste tires. At present, most of the waste truck and bus tires of all-steel tires and natural rubber in the industry are processed by retreading and producing recycled rubber and rubber powder. Among them, according to the particle size, part of the recycled rubber powder is used to produce recycled rubber, and the other part is used to produce products such as modified asphalt or waterproofing membranes. The waste passenger car tires of semi-steel tires and synthetic rubber are generally disposed of by thermal cracking. So what equipment is needed for the recycling of these waste tires? How much is the investment?

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Waste tire recycling equipment generally refers to shredding equipment, a one-stop equipment for smashing tires into rubber powder and separating steel wires, tire ring cutting machine, tire slicing machine, tire smashing machine, steel wire separator, crushing unit; automatic tire processing The equipment mainly includes: tire bilateral cutting machine, steel ring separator, shredder, rubber breaking unit.

How much is the investment of such a set is a topic of concern to everyone. The tire shredder in the tire recycling and processing equipment costs 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, and the tire rubber powder equipment in the tire recycling and processing equipment needs more than 30 watts. Of course, the price will be configured according to the output. Fluctuate!

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