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Features and advantages of waste tire crusher

Times:2022-07-11   Author:zhengyangtire

The specific gravity separator is a new type of sorting and separation equipment newly introduced by our company. It is also a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment in the current mixture separation and sorting industry. The equipment has stable performance, obvious effect, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection standards for the use site, no water pollution, no acid and alkali pollution, and the products are favored by customers after they are listed. The specific gravity separator has a wide range of uses and is suitable for the separation and sorting of various metal and non-metallic materials, powdery materials, granular materials, and mixed materials using different materials, different specific gravity, and different particle sizes. , chemical industry, electronic metal recovery and rare metal recovery and many other industries have very broad prospects for use. It replaces the old equipment that pollutes and wastes resources, such as the old process water separation and flotation in the old market.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

It has the characteristics of short process flow, convenient operation, no pollution, low energy consumption, low cost and strong adaptability; it can handle high and low content of electronic waste waste; simple equipment, low investment, easy to realize continuous industrial production; metal recycling If the unique gold and platinum purifying agent in this technology is used, its purity and recovery rate can reach 100%, and the waste slag after e-waste extraction can be mixed with sand and gravel in a certain proportion to make slag bricks, which will become high-quality slag bricks. Wall building materials, or powder made from PCB boards to make handicrafts, no solid waste discharge. Traditional electronic waste treatment has caused a large amount of pollutant discharge. Using this process to extract gold not only protects the environment, but also has good economic benefits, benefiting the country and the people, and killing two birds with one stone. This method is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual practitioners.

The specific gravity separator, pulse dust collector and induced draft fan form a set of grading system. The oil and paper are pumped away by the material under the action of the fan, and the coarse and fine materials are separated under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating grading turbine. The coarse particles are collected by the gravity and centrifugal force, and are thrown around the cylinder by the rotor blades and slide down the cylinder. It is blown to the classification chamber again, and the material is discharged from the lower discharge port under the action of gravity.

The utilization value of secondary resources of precious metals is increasing, mainly because humans have produced a large amount of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium). Precious metal resources are scarce, especially gold and silver industry reserves are less. The content of precious metals is much higher than that of the original ore, generally hundreds of times more. Gold production, consumption and main application areas. The gold content in e-waste is much higher than that of the original ore, generally hundreds of times more. The recovery from it is much lower than the extraction cost from the original ore, and the economic benefit is very obvious. The grade of electronic waste waste generally ranges from 800 to 1500 grams per ton, that is, 0.8 to 1.5 grams of gold can be extracted per kilogram of waste.


Features and advantages of waste tire crusher

In a sense, the waste tire shredder, the waste tire shredder and the waste tire shredder are a kind of equipment. With different scientific names, the waste tire shredder has become a tire recycling device at a time when the disposal of waste tires is increasing. Indispensable! Waste tire shredders are also divided into models. Different models have different output, discharge size, crushing cavity, etc., and there will naturally be a certain difference in price. Therefore, users are choosing waste tire shredding. When the machine is used, the appropriate model size should be selected according to the nature of the material! The recycling, processing and utilization of waste tires is of great significance, and the correct and appropriate treatment of scrapped solid waste brings economic and social benefits.

Truck waste tire cutting machine has a high application rate in the waste tire crushing industry. It is favored by the market because of its low input cost, easy operation and considerable profits. The waste tire cutting machine is actually not a single piece of equipment. The so-called A single tree is not a forest. If you want to cut tires into blocks, you need a set of tire cutting machines. There are three old-fashioned (circle cutting machines, strip cutting machines, and cutting machines) and new tire cutting machines (automatic cutting strips). In comparison, the latter is more cost-effective, maximizes benefits, does not have too high requirements for actual operators, and realizes fool-like intelligent operation! Simple and fast!

Main features of waste tire shredder:

● Imported alloy blade, strong impact resistance, broken metal will not break.

● After the blade is worn, the advanced European coating and welding repair technology is adopted to realize the repeated use of the tool and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the tool.

● The inner hole of the insert and the spindle surface are all designed with hexagonal to realize the uniformity of the force on the tool.

● The blades are arranged in a spiral line to achieve efficient cutting.

● For large materials, equipped with hydraulic automatic feeding system.

● Bearing quadruple seal, effective waterproof and dustproof.

● Netless control of the discharge size to improve crushing efficiency.

● Siemens PLC monitors the electronic current in real time. When the load is overloaded, the tool shaft automatically reverses to protect the motor.

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