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How are waste tires crushed into particles by waste tire crushing equipment

Times:2022-09-15   Author:zhengyangtire

Due to the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people’s spending power, vehicles are becoming more and more common. Because vehicle tires are consumables, they must be destroyed/replaced to achieve a certain level of damage, resulting in more and more waste tires. How to deal with waste tires? Among them, resin rubber powder is one of them. an application of . Below, we will introduce to you how the waste tires are granulated by the waste tire resin rubber powder machine.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

At the beginning, the tire is divided into two parts, and the tire is divided into two parts from the middle of the crown according to the tire trimming machine;

Then, the tires are cut into blocks, the tires divided into two parts are put into the automatic technology slitting machine, the equipment is operated, and laser cutting is gradually performed, and then the tires can be cut into small pieces according to the tire cutting machine;

Secondly, the rubber block is broken into particles, and the tire rubber block is broken into particles again according to the rubber breaking unit. At the same time as it is broken into particles, there will be a whole process of magnetic separation. Magnetic separation is to remove the stainless steel wire inside the tire. Extracted from plastic particles according to magnetic separator.

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