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How much is the waste tire crushing production equipment

Times:2023-02-17   Author:zhengyangtire

After several years of continuous downturn, 2022 ushered in the rise of the waste tire processing industry. The downstream demand surged, and the price of waste tires as raw materials in the upstream rose. The price of waste tires rose from about 800 to 1,800 yuan, bringing chain effects. The price of downstream rubber powder has also risen, and tire reclaimed rubber powder has been excavated for more new uses. The current reclaimed rubber powder is completely not satisfied with the needs of reclaimed rubber, waterproof membranes, and modified asphalt paving. For the application of increasing calorific value, such as steel mills, oil refineries, and cement plants are all vying to choose it. This is a good phenomenon. Under the social and environmental pressure caused by waste tires, it is especially necessary to wait for a wave of new market signals to save Black pollution problem.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Waste tires At the end of 2023, a loose solid waste treatment policy will be released, but all waste tire shredding series will not be eligible for environmental ping. This is a major positive signal, and it will revive a large number of investors who want to enter the industry but are discouraged due to individual reasons Confidence! Are you still waiting and watching?

Tire shredder block equipment How much is a waste tire shredder? Different configurations of tire shredders have different prices, and the complete set of shredder equipment with different tire levels is also different. It needs to be customized on demand. One waste tire shredder shreds The price of the small machine is 3.5w-8w, and the price of the large one is about 28w. In addition, the price of the production line for processing waste tire shredder into rubber powder starts at 20w. Are you satisfied with this price and industry information?

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