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How to recycle waste tires?

Times:2022-09-17   Author:zhengyangtire

The timing of tire degradation is uncertain, and used tires are not biodegradable. These waste tires are difficult to be degraded, and most of them are processed by other recycling methods to reduce environmental pollution.

At present, there are three ways to recycle waste tires, namely waste tire retreading, waste tire grinding and waste tire pyrolysis. Among them, tires are used for new cars after retreading. These tires can be used, but there are certain safety hazards. The state has issued relevant regulations and policies to implement restrictions. However, the waste tire grinding market has reached saturation and the demand is not large.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

The last treatment method is the pyrolysis of waste tires, which is also the best treatment method at present. The waste tires are heated and cracked to obtain rubber cracking oil, carbon black, steel wire, etc. , and these products are self-produced and sold.

If waste tires are not treated, on the one hand, they will occupy a certain amount of empty space, and on the other hand, they will cause certain pollution to our environment, such as black pollution, and waste precious rubber resources. And with the continuous increase in the number of cars, the use of tires is also increasing year by year, and waste tires are also increasing. Therefore, the recycling of waste tires has become a crucial measure. Turn waste tires into products we can rely on.

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