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How to turn waste tires into treasure?

Times:2021-12-15   Author:zhengyangtire

The number of waste tires can be said to be gradually increasing. If more and more waste tires are not handled in a better way, it will have an unpredictable impact on resources. The second use of waste tires, pollution-free has become a better solution today.

How to recycle waste tires? Incineration or burying? Although these methods can process waste tires, they inevitably pose a threat to resources such as land and the environment. The waste tires are directly used, and flower pots and crafts have become the trend of waste tire disposal, but the demand is not very large. Retreading used tires, this method requires relatively high quality of raw materials, and the rate of retreading used tires in my country is relatively low. Although the recycling of waste tires and the production of rubber powder can temporarily solve the recycling of waste tires, the processing capacity is limited after all.

How to recycle waste tires? Waste tire rubber powder production line is often used to process waste car tires, steel wire tires, nylon tires and fiber tires. The waste tire mill can recycle waste tires to a greater extent, and process rubber powder of 10-40 mesh and 40-100 mesh. The steel wire is separated from the fiber and the rubber powder is separated.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Advantages and characteristics:

1. The waste tire mill is equipped with a water cooling system, so that the finished rubber powder does not coagulate.

2. Equipped with semi-automatic and fully automatic selection specifications, which can be matched arbitrarily.

3. Optional application of 10-100 mesh processed product specifications.

4. Rubber powder is required for modified asphalt, reclaimed rubber, and raw materials for waterproofing membranes.

5. The tire rubber powder equipment line has a preferential price, and the field manufacturers can visit at any time.

6. The production capacity can be selected from 200 kg per hour to 2000 kg per hour and can be put into production at will.

7. The separation rate of the finished rubber powder and the capillary steel wire of the waste tire mill is over 99.8%.

8. The use of environmental protection and noise reduction facilities can pass the environmental assessment verification.

9. It is a green project for the recycling and reuse of waste tires, recognized by the industry and large room for development.

At present, the conventional mesh size of the waste tire mill is 10-40 mesh, and the finer 40-200 mesh rubber powder can also be processed. The rubber powder machine can provide non-standard customization to help realize the advanced and intelligent tire industry chain. , High-speed and multi-win resource utilization, the effect of waste tire rubber powder equipment is obvious.

In general, if the waste wheel is handled well, it can be turned into a treasure, and the price can be customized according to the needs of customers. There are semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can meet various needs of use. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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