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Process flow of tire crushing, sorting and recycling production line

Times:2021-05-17   Author:zhengyangtire

The working principle of waste tire recycling production line, waste tire recycling production line is also called waste tire crushing recycling line, waste tire rubber powder recycling line. The waste tire recycling production line is composed of various types of heavy equipment. It can realize the fully automated separation of rubber, steel wire and fiber materials in car tires, truck tires, engineering vehicle tires and waste rubber products. And according to the actual needs of customers, the rubber raw materials can be cut and milled for fine processing. The waste tire recycling production line runs at room temperature without any chemical additives and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Double-shaft tyre shredder

Auxiliary equipment for waste tire recycling production line:

It is composed of double-shaft crusher, material return system, dish screen, steel wire separator, vibrating screen, sorting machine, iron remover, cyclone separator, pulse dust removal system, electric control box system and other equipment.

Pre-crushing, the dual-shaft crusher has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, which can pre-shred waste tires into 50-300mm pieces without removing the tire rim.

Return material system: The return material system is composed of a conveyor belt and a disc sorter. After being processed by the shredder, the fragments are transported to the disc sorter, and the fragments of suitable size will be screened out and transported to the wire separator for further Processing, the oversized fragments will be transported back to the shredder machine for processing again.

Secondary crushing: The steel wire separator is equipped with a serrated blade shaft, which has a strong shredding ability, which can further shred tires and separate steel wires.

Steel wire separator: The steel wire and tire rubber processed by the steel wire separator are completely separated. The steel wire is picked out from the rubber by a straddle magnetic separator. High-strength magnetic attraction combined with wear-resistant material belts makes the separation of steel wire and rubber almost perfect.

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