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Recycle used tyres machines

Times:2024-03-12   Author:zhengyangtire

There are various machines and processes used for recycling used tires. Here are some common machines and techniques employed in tire recycling:

Tire Shredders: Tire shredders are used to break down used tires into smaller pieces. These machines employ powerful rotating blades to cut the tires into small chips or shreds.

Granulators: Granulators are used to further reduce the size of shredded tire pieces into smaller granules. These machines can produce uniform-sized granules suitable for various applications.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Magnetic Separators: Magnetic separators are used to remove steel wires and other ferrous materials from shredded tire pieces. These machines use magnets to attract and separate the metal components from the rubber.

Tire Wire Extractors: Tire wire extractors are specialized machines designed to remove the steel wires embedded in the tire treads. These machines typically use hydraulic power to extract the wires and separate them from the rubber.

Tire Debeaders: Debeaders are used to remove the tire beads from the rims. Tire beads are the steel wires encased in rubber that help the tire maintain its shape. Debeaders can mechanically or hydraulically remove the beads, allowing for further processing of the rubber.

Rubber Grinders/Mills: Rubber grinders or mills are used to further process the shredded tire pieces or granules into finer rubber powder. These machines typically use rotating discs or blades to grind the rubber into the desired particle size.

Vulcanizing Presses: Vulcanizing presses are used in the process of converting rubber powder into various rubber products. These machines apply heat and pressure to mold the rubber into different shapes, such as tiles, mats, or industrial parts.

Pyrolysis Units: Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process that can be used to convert used tires into valuable products like oil, gas, and carbon black. Pyrolysis units heat the tires in the absence of oxygen, causing them to break down into these components.

It’s important to note that tire recycling processes can vary depending on the specific technologies and equipment used by different recycling facilities. The choice of machines and techniques depends on the desired end products, the scale of operations, and environmental regulations in the region.

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