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Small tire recycling machine line systems

Times:2024-03-06   Author:zhengyangtire

Small tire recycling machine line systems are compact and efficient systems designed for recycling and processing small quantities of tires. These systems typically include several components that work together to transform old or used tires into valuable products such as rubber granules, rubber powder, or even recycled tire-derived fuel. Here are the key components commonly found in small tire recycling machine line systems:

Tire Shredder: The tire shredder is the primary machine used to shred the tires into smaller pieces. It typically consists of rotating blades or knives that cut the tires into strips or chips.

Tire Wire Remover: This component is responsible for removing the steel wire or bead from the shredded tires. It uses magnetic separation or other techniques to separate the wire from the rubber.

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Tire Granulator or Rubber Grinder: After shredding and wire removal, the rubber pieces are further processed into smaller granules or fine rubber powder. A tire granulator or rubber grinder is used for this purpose. It grinds the shredded rubber into the desired size and shape.

Magnetic Separators: These are used to remove any remaining steel wire or other metallic contaminants from the rubber granules or powder. Magnetic separators attract and separate the metal particles from the rubber.

Screening Equipment: The recycled rubber granules or powder may be screened to remove any oversized or undersized particles, ensuring the final product meets the desired specifications.

Air Separation System: Some small tire recycling machine line systems include an air separation system to separate the lighter rubber particles from heavier materials, such as fiber or textile residues.

Packaging and Storage: Once the rubber granules or powder are processed, they can be packaged in bags or stored in containers for transportation or further use.

These small tire recycling machine line systems are suitable for businesses or operations that handle a smaller volume of tires, such as small tire shops, auto repair shops, or recycling startups. They provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for recycling tires and reducing waste, while also generating valuable products from the recycled rubber. It is important to choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer or supplier when considering a small tire recycling machine line system to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment.

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