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Small waste tire shredder

Times:2022-09-26   Author:zhengyangtire

Small waste tire shredders meet the processing requirements of 1200 diameter tires, tire shredders introduce rubber, tires, plastics, oil pipes, solid waste treatment environmental protection equipment, waste tire shredding treatment equipment treatment equipment waste tire treatment equipment line, nylon tires, silicone tires, waste tires Crushing and processing of raw materials such as tires, solid tires, semi-steel tires, inner tires, tires, retreaded tires, run-flat tires, non-pneumatic tires, automobile tires, and inner tires.

Waste tire rubber powder production line


The tire crusher and rubber crusher mainly use waste tire crushing and processing equipment. After the steel wire is processed, the rubber is separated, the rubber can be processed into 1-6mm particles, and the 20-200 mesh rubber powder can be produced.

Tire pressure steel wire: The crushing methods of waste tires are bead steel wire processing and capillary wire crushing treatment. Waste tires contain two kinds of bead steel wire and capillary steel wire. This kind of steel wire is two kinds of bead steel wire and capillary steel wire. The processing method of steel wire is to use a process production line to process, and the processing method is to use capillary wire for crushing.

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