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Standard waste tire recycling production line

Times:2023-02-16   Author:zhengyangtire

With the gradual increase in the use of cars in the world today, cheap waste tires are pouring into the market. Recycle these tires with a little thought, and you will get: rubber pellets of ideal size, iron wire, and a considerable economic profit. Due to the rising prices of raw materials, recycled rubber has been increasingly recognized by the market. The price and profit of rubber recycling mainly depend on the quality of the output material and the economic effectiveness of the recycling process. LD has carefully marketed a series of solutions for waste tire recycling, providing a way for high-quality rubber recycling. By using the LD tire recycling series machine, not only can rubber blocks be produced, which mainly supply heat for cement sales, but also rubber particles with a size of about 5mm can be further processed, which has a wider range of uses.


Waste tire recycling line sales process:

For raw materials: waste car tires, truck tires, truck tires, construction machinery tires, etc.

1. Tire wire drawing machine – used to separate the steel wire inside the tire.

2. Conveyor—convey the whole tire that has been separated from the steel wire to the shredder

3. Double-shaft rotary screen 1200 tire shredder – shredding tires, and the finished product can reach 4-8cm blocks.

4. Conveyor—convey the 4-8cm block finished product to the wire separator

5. Steel wire separator——separate the shredded tire block from steel wire and rubber to make 1-1.5cm particles

6. Rubber granulator – crushed to small particles less than 5mm, there are 1-3mm, 2-4mm, rubber powder, three specifications.

7. Grinding machine – selling 20 to 80 mesh rubber powder.

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