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Tire Shredders Recycling Equipment

Times:2024-03-21   Author:zhengyangtire

Tire shredders are machines used in the recycling industry to break down and process used tires into smaller pieces or crumbs. This shredded tire material can then be used for various applications, including making rubberized asphalt, playground surfaces, landscaping mulch, and fuel for industrial processes.

Here are some common types of tire shredders and recycling equipment used in the industry:

Waste tire rubber powder production line

Primary Tire Shredders: These are heavy-duty machines designed to shred whole tires into smaller pieces. They typically use rotating blades or knives to cut the tires into strips or chunks.

Secondary Tire Shredders: After the primary shredding process, secondary shredders further reduce the tire pieces into smaller sizes or chips. These machines are often used to refine the output from primary shredders.

Granulators: Granulators are used to further process the tire chips or shreds into even smaller granules. These granules can be used in various applications, such as rubberized asphalt or molded rubber products.

Cracker Mills: Cracker mills are specialized machines used to further reduce the tire granules into fine rubber powder. This powder can be used in applications like molded rubber products, coatings, and adhesives.

Tire Pyrolysis Plants: In addition to shredding equipment, tire recycling often involves pyrolysis plants. These plants use high temperatures in the absence of oxygen to convert shredded tires into valuable byproducts like fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire.

Magnetic Separators: Magnetic separators are used to remove steel wires and other metallic contaminants from the shredded tire material. These separators ensure that the final recycled rubber product is free from metal impurities.

Conveyors and Screening Equipment: Conveyor belts and screening machines are used to transport and separate the shredded tire material into different sizes or grades.

When selecting tire shredders and recycling equipment, factors such as the desired output size, production capacity, energy efficiency, and the specific recycling goals should be considered. It’s important to choose reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers to ensure efficient and safe tire recycling operations.

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